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I managed to source some more useful information from the Internet. This will help with using your Merrylock 740DSA overlocker. This is so there is really no good information out there for Miss Merrylock 740DSA! 

The information for using the Juki MO 51e overlocker shows almost identical instructions that I have for the Merrylock 4-thread overlocker.

This review is very helpful,  especially if you were given no machine instructions, or you bought your Merrylock 4-thread machine second hand. The instructions include clear photos. which demonstrate the workings of the Juki MO 51e (which is the same as Merrylock 740DSA workings).

Check the review for the Juki MO 51e  here at

Merrylock 740 DSA on the left. Rubina 740 DSA, middle and Juki MO 51e on the right.
All images © Google

Is the Merrylock 740DSA The Same as Juki MO 51e Overlocker?

I think it is, and I have found another You Tube video to follow. It's on the Juki MO 51e...This has certainly helped me. I now have my Merrylock 740 DSA 4 Thread overlocker's tension just proud! Well until the cat finds the machine and all the cotton and I'll be trying tp get the tension perfect again...

Merrylock 4 Thread740DSA : Aka Rubina 740DSA

I found this video by chance when I was looking for more information on the Merrylock 740DS 4 Thread Overlocker. This video's is in Russian I think, (forgive me if I have this wrong). I found the this video really good to follow, even though it is not in English my native language.

It seems that the Merrylock 740DSA goes under another brand name of 'Rubina 740DSA Overlocker'. Who would have thought? Now I know...

Our Fluffy Easter Bunny

Easter isn't complete with out an Easter Bunny  this is our bunny's big day! Here he is, almost two years old....We don't decorate him, because he would eat the decorations, then the chocolate, and then get sick. He gets a lot fluffier, but he has haircuts often because his bottom is much easier to manage without all that fluff....'Happy Easter'.

Easter Bunny Diet: Pellets, Grass, Hay and that is all!
His other job when he is not the Easter Bunny is
to be a compost maker for the garden...

Our Easter Hunt

The girls this year were the 'stars of the show' for the Easter Hunt. My grandson declined, his age is in double digits now, I guess he's become too grown up for the Easter Hunt. He just wanted his chocolate eggs in a big brown paper bag, he was happy with that.

The Lindt Bunnies were a hit.The band and bell from the bunny, was used
as a bracelet by the girls.

Easter Cake

This years Easter cake is a Lemon Yogurt Cake,  page 176, from the cookbook 'fast, fresh, simple' by Donna Hay (2010). I did not make this delicious cake, my daughter did. I just gave the orders as to how I wanted it to look for the children. She did do a good job too, it was exactly how I wanted it to look...Lucky I wasn't banned from the kitchen!

'Donna Hay's' Lemon Yoghurt Cake

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