How to do a Rolled Hem: Merrylock 740DSA

Parts of my Merrylock 740DSA manual is missing, the pages for doing a 3 thread rolled hem are not there. Now I can say with confidence that using the Merrylock 2020 manual I downloaded (address in post below) has been a great help and very useful. Because now I can do the 3-thread rolled hem and I'm so pleased with myself. Although I  will need to fine tune it, perhaps by using different thread, the one I'm using is weird...funny stuff! Or maybe I need to change my needle!

Instructions for rolled hem on the Merrylock 740DSA

The pages that you need to know about for making a 3-thread rolled hem stitch in the Merrylock 2020 manual are page 30, 37 and 38. Page 30 gives you a handy reference chart and if you look at number 7, it shows you the needle position and tensions, then refers you onto page 38.

On page 37 titled 'How To Sew A Rolled Hem' it gives you ideas as to what fabrics work best. Then further down the page you have 'Machine Set-up' and it tells you to remove the left needle and so forth.

When looking at page 38 you will see the tables for needle position, stitch length and tension dial numbers. The instructions are very clear and they have worked for me. I can do the 3-thread rolled hem. Except I probably need to play around with the thread plus tension (I saw some odd loops), but the stitch is definitely passable.

I didn't take the needle out I just unthreaded it...I knew
 I had to put it back in so I couldn't be bothered.
Very simple to switch over...
Page 38 in the Merrylock 2020 Manual
I liked this one it's the one below in my sample..on page 38 also
Not a bad effort for first try...

Looking for a Merrylock Overlocker Manual?

I cannot believe it has taken me all this time to realize that half my Merrylock overlocker manual is missing...My booklet just goes to page 21 this is so bad! If it wasn't for someone querying the 3 thread rolled hem which is on page 29 I would have been oblivious forever...I have never done the rolled hem on this machine...Has anyone out there got any tips on how to do this?

I have found another Merrylock manual on line for the 2020 and it's in a pdf which is handy for printing. I thought it might help for learning the 3 thread rolled hem....Not sure though as I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Here is the address for the Merrylock 2020 4 thread overlocker manual (it takes a while to load ). Save the pdf to the desktop for future reference. It may be of some use.

Additional Information on the Merrylock 2020 can be found here Also other Merrylock machines are to be found at too. At present they don't have anything on the Merrylock 740DSA on there. Actually if you are in the market to purchase any new sewing machine or overlocker/serger this is a great site to check out the brands and models, reviews etc.

Merrylock 740DSA manual can be bought here. It's in Euro's and I haven't tried to buy it because I am not sure if  it is any different to the one I own that has no rolled hem instructions. If anyone has bought one and it actually has page 29 in it let me know...

Playing Outside in my Parka

A bit big...but so warm. I did think about unpicking the front so the elastic was tighter but in the end I left it. The next one I make will make tighter....

Finished in Time

Most of my sewing was done today. I did enjoy sewing this pattern and what a help it was to be able to refer to the blog posts over at you & mie. While I was happy with the style, I think my fabric choice was a bit difficult when I needed to bind the neck seam. I used polar/micro fleece that was stretchy and it it didn't matter how carefully you top stitched the fleece it still looked a bit shabby....

When out fabric shopping my rule that I hate sewing polar/micro fleece was soon forgotten. I was swayed by a pretty yellow coloured fabric. It was so pretty, a little bit of warmth in the middle of winter I thought to myself... Yes I'll buy that!

The parka hood and pocket are both lined with a yellow striped cotton fleece...

The photos below don't do the parka much justice, it just hangs like a sack in the pics. I need a little person to model the parka but there is not one in sight...On reflection I would certainly make this again, but I would use a lighter weight fabric. I think the pattern is definitely better in a light weight fabric. It might have made a difference if I hadn't lined the hood which added bulk.

Another sew-a-long blogger did their parka using bias to finish the seams, the edges of the hood etc. This might have worked better for my parka, I am not really happy with the front because the gathers are not very defined!

When you use a finer fabric the gathers in the front are more pronounced.
Apart from me not being so happy with the outcome this parka is
very warm and good for playing outside!
My cat is mental...he was banned from the sewing table today. But just
thought he might get in on the photo and nobody would notice!

Tracing the Pattern

It's so muddy outside the cat jumped through the window and
put dirty paw marks all over my new pattern...Thank goodness
not the book... 

Whew It's Here!

I have been waiting patiently for this Japanese pattern book so I can join in the sew-a-long over at you & mie.......Finally it has arrived, and didn't take too long really. It's just that I'm down at the bottom of the world so it was ordered from the supplier.

Where did I buy it In New Zealand? Mighty Ape, they were most helpful in sending it straight away once it got into the country, and today now it is here! Plus it's in English too...

But I'm 2 days behind in the sew-along so not sure if I will meet the deadline, but I'm going to join in anyway,....I need  a project to push me to start sewing!

Happy Homemade Sew Chic Kids
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