What's inside my Bernina 801?

The Bernina 801 is a 'free-arm zig-zag sewing automatic buttonholer and built-in plain and utility stitching'. Here are a few pics of the inside workings of the Bernina 801. As you can see she is really a simple machine, very easy to pull apart and clean the hook and the hook race when sewing thread jams the bobbin case.

She hasn't been serviced that much in her 30 years, I just oil her and a way she goes....In the last ten years her foot peddle gave up and that was replaced with another (not new) and this now has just been fixed with parts found in an auction. I also managed to get a spare foot peddle on another online auction just in case this one breaks down.

Sadly no parts are made anymore for this machine as the Bernina factory lost everything in the Tsunami in Thailand (I think that's correct). But if you ever see a good second hand one snap it up it will go for ever. I also think you can get generic feet for it too.........

Maintenance tips:
Oil the shuttle and run a lead pencil around it for maintenance of the machine.
Thread the machine with the foot up....
Test bobbin tension by holding it by the thread in it's case and shuttle
Use new needles every garment ( I forget)
These four tips have kept my sewing machine in good order for years.......

Everything is all metal......weight of machine approx. 8.1kg
Easy to pull apart the bobbin

Inside the bottom of the free-arm......
Inside the top of the machine.......
Because I mostly use the Bernina 801 with a free-arm
I have the joy of putting all my pins underneath the arm....


  1. who could help me get a manual for the Bernina 801?

  2. I'll look online to see if any are about...anyway I'll look into it!

  3. The Bernina U.S.A. site has a manual for the 801 sport which you could use as a guide for the 801. You could try there I have not been able to find a download for the Bernina 801 manual though...I'll keep looking one might pop up on e-bay...

  4. I recently got a bernina 801, and would like to check out everything before I use it. I was wondering how you get the top piece of the machine off. I can't find anything in the manual or any screws that would loosen that part. I also need a screw for the needle clamp, and apparently they can't be bought anymore, could you tell me if yours is blunt on the end or pointed, or I am wondering if a needle clamp from another machine might work. Thanks for any help.

  5. Hi there

    I will post some pics for you...gosh I had to go and look and when I pressed what I thought it was nothing happened. Mine was a bit jammed up. If you unclip the light it swings open, look inside and at the top left. Your left side when looking in you will see a round metal jutting out it looks like a screw top , press on that it should release the top.

    The screw is harder to explain and I will put photo up for you. There is a special screw driver to undo it but it can be undone with a ordinary screw driver too.

  6. Here you are :)


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