A Lovely Lull

There is not much sewing happening in my little patch of paradise.  That's because I think there hasn't been a lot of time lately or has it been because I'm so full of so many ideas that I'm getting nothing done..........I'm always just thinking about What will I sew next?.........If I wrote up my list for my sewing projects it would be so daunting (that doesn't include the heap of mending) I wouldn't want to look.........Where do you start?

But I just can't help adding to the 'I'm going to make this sewing pile' so my list of things continues to grow.........I  think I've become a bit addicted to acquiring sewing patterns.  I just keep buying them!  My latest one is for a rag doll, it's the Happy Chibi Doll by One Red Robin. You can check them out here.

Rag Doll sewing pattern with a Japanese influence

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