Summertime Plums

Making a galette is an easy way to use up extra plums ....Usually I make apple galette's, but today I'm using  plums, organic ones........A galette is a rustic pastry and when I make these I always forget to turn the pastry up and make it look really rustic ( I've gone and done it again).

The Recipe
1/1/2 cups of flour
10gms of Baking Powder (around 2 teaspoons)
20gms of white sugar, I prefer castor sugar.
30gms butter
1/2 cup of milk. I use non-fat
500gms to 1kg
25 grams of brown or white sugar
2 teaspoons of flour
1/2 tsp of cinnamon or cloves
1 Tbs butter

* Put all the dry ingredients plus the butter into the food processor, mix until combined
* Add milk, process again until the mixture forms into a soft dough
* Turn dough out onto a floured board , lightly knead
* Roll out into a circle leave a small edge to make an outer cover.
* Place plums on the pastry
* Next mix the topping together. I do this inn my little whizz, really quick!
* Spread the topping over the pastry to the small edge
* Bake at about 200 celsius for approximately 20 minutes
* Dust with icing sugar and serve

A tart plum galette...the sweet plums got more
 tart when they were cooked..........  


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