Sewing a Sleepover Pillow

Well I didn't re-invent the wheel on this sleep over pillow case....I found a perfectly wonderful and fantastic tutorial over here.  I followed the tutorial, but guessed most of my measurements and ended up making the pillow case a bit big for my pillow....Who would know New Zealand pillows are smaller? I've never measured them...

This pillow case was a total hit, it had barley been ironed and pressed when it was taken into the bedroom and put on the bed...It's been there ever since, hence it looks a bit crumpled in the pics.

My fabric choice is cotton. I would have liked to have used a more interesting fabric rather than the spotty fabric for the contrast.  But it's all I had in my stash,  and I wanted to finish it straight away so  spots it was...

It's been well slept on...Have a look at the
excellent tutorial at a A Lemon Squeezy Home

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