You won't believe this, I wrote all my blog post and lost it, even Apple Z didn't work...Wahhhhhhhhhh!

What was I saying...who knows I have a memory like a sieve. What have I been doing lately? I have actually been sewing for myself, and it has been rather a 'hit and miss' affair'. Some garments were a success and some were not.

The worst one was the 'Peppa Pig' jacket (I've named it that). I sewed it out of thick polar fleece from my stash. The fabric was so pink it really looks ghastly on me. I must say I actually hate polar fleece and avoid wearing it....I just bought this fabric on a whim. I was warned by my daughter, why are you buying that colour? Well I am just like a moth to a flame, I'm drawn to bright colours...Though I was never sure what I was gong to use it for. Really it would have made a better blanket that a jacket

Anyway getting back to my sewing, I have not recorded that much of it because it has taken me nearly over a month to charge my camera. But I did manage take a picture, well half a picture of myself wearing a top.

The pattern:
Is the Cool, Calm and Cowl Necked Top by Hot Patterns. It is a free download over at

Was it Easy to sew?
Yes it would have been if it actually fitted me. It did not, and I didn't bother to check to see before I cut the fabric.

What went wrong? 
The armholes were rather tight on me, and perhaps it was designed for a much stretcher knit fabric than I had. On finishing it I looked at other reviews of the pattern and other sewers have said the armholes were tight.

What went right?
I can wear it...I had to re-make the armholes as big as I could, though they are still a bit tight which also brought the shoulder seam forward a bit.

What I changed:
I didn't use rib for the band, just the same fabric as the body.

Would I sew it again?
Yes I would and make the armhole larger before I cut the fabric. Overall I can wear it so that has got to be good...

A Story 

Wearing knit fabric, well anything that stretches has definitely been my down fall over the years, once you wear it you never get out of it. The older you get you don't really notice the widening waist band, you just grow with it. Too late when you get to old age you have to work harder to get the chubbiness off.

Was it the 70's that everything became stretch, body suits, men's shirts? Oh those were the days my husband used to pinch my black shirt style stretch body suit (he was a drummer in a band so I guess it looked pretty cool). Except it belonged to me and I never did get it back. It fitted him so well because it stretched to his size, but it never stretched back to fit me.

The moral of the story is don't wear stretch clothes for most of your life. It's so much easier to tweak your weight when you wear woven clothes that get get tighter. Yes I've put myself on a diet of sorts. Well not a diet really, a good habit lifestyle change....Maybe with some luck the tight sleeves will get looser.

I'm putting it out there Stretch Fabric is to blame for the sudden weight gain in the western world? I might be on to something there...

Yes I know...sadly I can't blame a stretch fabric for a weight gain. It is really is, energy in energy out. But stretch clothing it is a variable that needs to be taken into account, well I think so anyway...On that note I am off to have lunch!

I've been tidying up my download patterns...I've given up
on plastic bags too bulky, now I'm using paper.


  1. yes, yes, I totally agree.. I was always skinny, never had to worry about weight gaining.. But wearing knits and elastic waist pants.... just let the weight ease right up there.. is so hard to loose it and to keep it off..
    Great post.

  2. I know that elastic has a lot to answer for....It is so harder when your older. Oh to be young when you really didn't have to worry about those things...Take care Judy :)


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