Minecraft Dessert for Hungry Children

Very popular with young and old...

You Need:

Cadbury Flake Chocolate bar Treat Bag  (bag of 12)
1 packet Chocolate Dots (Sun Valley)
1 packet of Oreo Chocolate Cookies
1 packet of Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies
1 Green Jelly 
Clear plastic cups (glass would be fine too)

I used FarmBake Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies (in the big bag).  I then measured out enough for a packet of biscuits. Ground both the Oreos and the Double Fudge cookies into a crumbly mix with  the Breville Mini Whizz. Then I added some Chocolate Dots to the mix (I didn't measure these just guess work). I wanted the mix to resemble dirt...

Next I made a Green Jelly to the instructions on the back of the packet. I use slightly less hot water. When it has cooled I pour the jelly liquid into a flat pan then let it set in the fridge. When it is ready cut the jelly up into squares.

Now pour the dirt mix equally into clear cups, then place the cut up green jelly on top. Next place a Flake brick on top on the jelly. There you have it...a perfect dessert for a Minecraft Party!

I thought I might have needed smaller cups as these went narrow at
the bottom. But boys with spoons you know they managed to
 get every crumb out!

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