More MerryLock Musings

I managed to source some more useful information from the Internet. This will help with using your Merrylock 740DSA overlocker. This is so there is really no good information out there for Miss Merrylock 740DSA! 

The information for using the Juki MO 51e overlocker shows almost identical instructions that I have for the Merrylock 4-thread overlocker.

This review is very helpful,  especially if you were given no machine instructions, or you bought your Merrylock 4-thread machine second hand. The instructions include clear photos. which demonstrate the workings of the Juki MO 51e (which is the same as Merrylock 740DSA workings).

Check the review for the Juki MO 51e  here at

Merrylock 740 DSA on the left. Rubina 740 DSA, middle and Juki MO 51e on the right.
All images © Google

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