Elna 745

My over locker I love her, I hate her, what a relationship we have....Now the Elna 745 is meant to be a great machine......a real workhorse. I have never put her through her full paces as I hate changing anything I want everything to done fast... I can never see the threads to thread the looper and I always break the chain on the 5 thread. But I've solved the re threading problem......Last week I went and bought one of these, the Trendy Timms overlocker threaders and this little gadget should fix the looper problem.

Perhaps I'm a creature of habit because I really love my old heavy red and cream metal Tru-lock serger best, she's only 3 thread (so old). I love my mechanical Bernina so much that I leave my Bernina Activa 220 sitting on a shelf......Would I purchase the Elna 745 again? I'm not  really sure I think I would have liked to have tried more brands first (I didn't I just bought it). The problem with this machine there is very little back up for it here......I use the Internet for information mostly. I just wish there were Elna 745 specific classes here so I could run her through her paces and know I was doing it right. Really all I needed was a 5 thread overlocker I didn't need the cover hem feature as I have the Janome 1000CP for that. It was the 5 thread and the blanket stitch that sold me (I stiil  haven't used  the blanket stitch).

You can find reviews from other sewers on the Elna 745 Overlocker here. The international Elna site here also gives you a lot of information on Elna, Overlockers and accessories .

A robust heavy machine...not a light weight
Not easy to lift and carry about....
Where you put your hands is akward
you get tangled up in the cotton...
Not a segrer you would take to classes easily
Great feature tilting needle clamp...
Easy visual instruction on machine for different stitches
Instruction booklet a bit confusing
Photos very soft not so clear and crisp
Hard to see if you are looking for the visual
Why didn't I think of this before...
How come I've never seen them are they new?


  1. Have you gotten used to the machine yet? I have the same model. My sewing teacher swore that its the best overlock/cover combo. Threading is no problem, but I am having some problems with the tension and no one to consult!

  2. Hi Ellie

    No I haven't got used to it....(: They say it's the best machine but mine is not going well. It might be me the user... but I have a total 'love hate with this machine' I think before it lost the plot tension was my problem stitches didn't look good

    I have packed it up ready to take to be fixed and it's been sitting like that for awhile...I don't know what I'm doing wrong as the lower looper is not making the stitch. I'm not sure about tension, do you have the manual? Try a new needle, thread play around with dials, sorry I can't help much.

    There is an Elna sergers group you can join I belong, but haven't been on it lately


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