Covering Your Cell Phone

I've come to the conclusion making small things are not my forte, too much fiddling around for my fading eyes and getting old fingers. Sewing a garment is so much easier....If you want to make a cell phone cover there is a pretty cool clear tutorial on A Pretty Cool Life  for this cell phone/i-Pod cover. It's sewn all-in-one and is just the style I've been looking for......

It's very easy to follow and here are my efforts with slight changes......I  cut the width down and added a button (a button from my younger days). I'll sew this again when I pick up some colourful fabric, this was just made from scraps I had lying around.....Next time I will have it all worked out, but for now this one does the job it protects my phone well.

The phone cover is made out of cotton. The batting inside is
 ironing board felt.......It's all I had at the time, and is perhaps a
little too thick for this project....


  1. This is so elegant looking,love the fabric!

  2. Thanks it's really handy in my bag...I want to make another!


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