Beginners CoverPro Tips & Tricks

Little helpers for when you are using a cover stitch machine....

Use a postie/stickie note pad as a seam guide...
Use a 'Humper Jumper' or is it Hump Jumper when stitching.
Then sew slowly over the seam. You can also flatten out your
turn over seam opposite to body seam. This will reduce the
bulk on the hem seam...
Have plenty of scraps of material ready to use for starting off
or finishing plus for testing the stitches before you sew


  1. I have never seen a hump jumper before. I have often had problems getting over bulky seams with my coverstitch. Where do you buy them from?

    1. I have just put up another link for the 'Hump Jumper' in my post 'Learning to use the Hump Jumper'.

  2. Hi I got mine from the U.S.A. and can't remember where I bought it. I havn't seen it here in NZ...I have found a site that ships worldwide here Hopefully the postage is not expensive.


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