Sewing with the CoverPro

This clear foot is very good and worth purchasing
enables you to see where you have to join up your
 stitching. It's much easier with this  clear foot
Janome Centre Guide Foot  Part number: 795819108
for a 3 needle CoverPro, costs around $79.....easy to use
but a bit tricky to get on
Top stitching on the neck band
The neck band was short lived,  I didn't catch all the fabric
  when I machine sewed it in place. Too late now to save the
 neck band I just cut it off. Then I turned the neck hem to
 the inside and sewed a 2 thread cover stitch..... 
This is the top stitching using a two thread
 cover stitch and using the clear foot
This is the inside stitching, my turn over is way too big. I
 didn't used my usual sticky note guide I just guessed! If this
 happens  just use sharp scissors, not snips and cut the hem
 flush with the stitching. Then you'll have a smaller tidier careful though. Yes I did it I snipped through the
  fabric and made a hole  using very sharp SNIPS... 
Sleeve hems  
T-shirt all finished...hem fixed up, now  it's a bit


  1. Thanks for the links and information. I have had my coverstitch for quite some time and am still learning about it. I am now going to order some binders...wish me luck!

  2. Thanks, I have the binder and have had it for some time but have only have got as far as putting it on the machine. Let me know how you get on I'm too scared to start LOL...I must make some time to do it!


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