When I Woke up...

I could hear the sewing machine buzzing away this morning....It wasn't me sewing so who was it? That cat he had his paws on the sewing machine foot, with half of his big body on top of it. The Bernina was sewing away tangling up all the thread...

Looks innocent but...
He's guilty as charged....
Bernina 801: How to remove tangled thread around the bobbin

If thread tangles and bunches up when
sewing you need to open up bobbin
case cover...
Most times you only have to remove
the bobbin case to untangle the thread...
Pic of bobbin cover and hook
The thread has tangled behind the hook.
I'm going to have to unclip the hook
My Bernina needs a clean lots
of lint and fluff...gosh it's dirty
It was rather messy when I took the cover
off...I don't always remove the sewing foot to do
this. But it is best you do it makes it much easier...
This pic shows you where the levers are
Remove all the thread and clean
Now it's ready to lock back together
Put the bobbin back... 
Finally snap the  free-arm cover back on
to the machine


  1. Uh-oh... the poor cat , got caught in
    I laughed when I read your post.. I could just imagine ,waking up to the sewing machine going to town..[and no one there to be sewing]

    What a shame that cat, couldn't have finished one of your projects , for

    1. Yes it was funny...a bit spooky when home alone though :)

  2. Too funny:) must have been a seamstress in another life!

    1. Seems that way... he's always on the table when he's not suposed to be watching all the sewing :)

  3. That cat doesn't even look sorry about the mess he made. :-)

    1. No he doesn't, he started out as this cute kitten now he is an aloof and naughty :)


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