Sewing a Toothbrush Roll

Going away for Easter..make a Toothbrush Roll. It's really easy, you can make it any measurement you want. I used a aqua flannel bought from 'The Warehouse' for $2.90. I also bought a hand towel but that way too big for this project....

   How to make a toothbrush roll
* Fold your flannel to the length needed to hold dental items
* Pin the side edges where you have folded the flannel, then sew
* Place your toothbrush, toothpaste on the flannel to size the pockets
* Pin make sure the pocket fits your toothbrush and toothpaste
* Sew the seams with a straight stitch to finish
* Make a bias ribbon and sew it to the centre on the side edge
* Place your toothbrush, toothpaste in the pockets.
* Now roll and tie and it's all finished ready to go...

You really would think I have 'Gremlins' when I sew. I didn't check the binding before I sewed it on and there was a hole on the under side (I bet that cat did it). So I unpicked it and made a new binding ribbon. I'll blame my eye sight for not seeing the hole.

But on a positive note for all those beginner sewers out there, never give up. We all make mistakes, even when we have been sewing for  many years...This was a fun and very handy project to make!

I changed ends after I pinned it because the flannel wasn't square,
and it annoyed me. So the striped part became the
pocket not the top part for the roll...


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