Kinckers and Bloomers

After managing to get totally side-tracked from sewing (I've been painting). I'm now back on track to 'bashing my stash'.  It's going down very slowly.

Finally I have decided to use up some of my elastics left over from making fitted nappies...All my fold-over elastics are stashed away in a ice cream container and it's time to get rid of them. What can you do with fold-over elastic? I'm thinking making underwear is a good idea as I have a few scraps of stretch fabric.

Only to my dismay my knicker and bloomer making was so intense I hurt my back. I had to take something strong to fix it. Bending over a sewing machine for most of the day with bad posture in the cold was probably to blame...I'm okay now though.

The knickers worked out great and were a good fit...But bloomer making was a much harder task even though I used a Kwik Sew pattern. It's a 90's pattern and I think that perhaps I no longer have a 90's bottom...Though the pattern seems very true to size, I just couldn't get the fit exactly right and depending on the fabric I used they were either huge or too small...

Here are some free knicker patterns on line

Lowrise Fit Pants  You'll need to use google translator
Cheeky Panties
SoZo Panties
T-Shirt Underwear
Rosy Ladyshorts


Kwik Sews
Beautiful Lingerie by Kirstin Martin

Not fancy pants...just plain and simple made
from scraps from the stash!


  1. What a great way to use up your left overs.. great job.Happy sewing.

    1. Yes it is when they work out LOL. But i'm not giving up I'll perfect them yet, just need to do more sewing to get more scraps!


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