How to fix Stiff Squeaky Sewing Scissors

Don't you hate it when someone uses your favourite sewing scissors?.......I lose the plot because I hate it when they stop cutting well, if you re-sharpened them they are never the same (well that's my experience)....... I guard mine with my life, except I can't watch them all the time.........A young man found them and used them and they were never the same.......Although they are very sharp and can still cut fabric. They have become very stiff when I open and shut them, they squeak too!

Well I have fixed them by using a drop of Tsubaki Oil (Camellia oil). Now they open and shut perfectly and no more squeaking.....You need to give the scissor blades a wipe to remove the excess oil, then you snip away happily without a squeak (they are almost like new again).

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