A Summertime Skirt by Simplicity

I had a bit of fun making this skirt (Simplicity 2414 1 hour skirt). It did turn out a lot better than I thought it would considering my put together effort was hit and miss!. What looked  to me like a simple project was not and I have made this style before......But the young lady in question was just a little girl then.....less material, much easier to gather, therefore much  easier to sew......Did I make the 1 hour deadline sewing this gathered skirt....No!

To start with I muddled up all my pattern pieces and then forgot to mark my O's. The fabric made it hard to distinguish the right and wrong sides so I muddled up that as well......... I  did mark all my notches though but the numbers and pattern pieces got me all confused. To add to the confusion I couldn't understand why number 7 pattern piece had no notches.....Which was the bottom and which was the top??? I did learn later that the top was where the O's were printed (but I didn't mark them). Why didn't they print notches on pattern piece 7? I do love notches...... just match up the notches, that's my motto when sewing and all will be good!

The other mistake I made was I put the buttonholes in the wrong place. They are at the top of the skirt, I also inserted thin elastic in the casing because at that stage I wasn't having a tie. In the end I did make one out of the scraps of fabric I had left and it looks okay even though it is not in the right place.

Overall though I did get annoyed with all the gathering.......But the skirt was a great success and it looks good on. The material this skirt is  made out of is a patterned cotton lawn, a very light summery fabric. It was a little bit more difficult to sew because of the fabric weight. But guess what?  I'm going to be making this baby again and it should be a breeze because I will have learnt by my mistakes!

Looks an easy skirt except it can take longer than 1 hour....
The skirt finished Simplicity 2414 View D
Looks good when wearing it.....
The tie is rough edged on one side...just something different
Would have been nice if it was in the right place though!

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