Making a Pin Cushion for Xmas

My first ever flower pin cushion turned out not so bad I even surprised myself........The idea was to give it away for Christmas, I'm the Christmas trivia officer ( I appointed myself). All the questions are in a sealed envelope on the Christmas tree and no one has seen them except me.......The pin cushion's will make a great prize (except nobody sews). You always need a pin cushion right!......I just couldn't bare to give my first one away. It was that red button you and my buttons!

I must admit I did make a few mistakes making the flower pin cushion, but any messy parts were easily covered by the button.....I traced around my kiwi bird dip bowl to make a circle pattern. I also referred to Tammy Times blog for the construction of the pin cushion.  Click here for the tutorial of  how to make this flower pin cushion.

If you interested in taking your flower pin cushions to another level for Christmas, check out House of Pinhiera's Christmas Garland's fabulous, wonderful and very effective. Something very different from the usual garlands you put on your door for Christmas.

First one.......
My favourite pin cushion I love the fabric.......but I'm not keeping it!
A few more flower pin cushions.......

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