Making a Book Bag

I'm making a book bag for school library books. This time I'm using oil cloth because it is waterproof....The blue one I didn't measure at all, I just made it into a size I thought would be okay. All the library books fit nicely into the book bag. It also fits into the school bag just fine.....So I have used the same sizing to make the pink one......

Materials I used: Oil Cloth, Bias Binding, Glue,Velcro, Bulldog Clip, Cotton
Size: 15"length, 13" across, add extra 6 1/2"s for the flap
Sewing Machine: Bernina Activa 220
Sewing Foot:  Ordinary straight sewing foot
Tip:  Use small pegs or bulldog clips to hold the oil cloth as it is slippery when sewing. Also try and match your cotton to the Velcro your using, then you don't see any wonky Velcro stitches.

The first bag I made, the fabric is oil cloth...
Measure up your bag, you can make a pattern or
just measure and mark straight onto the fabric.
Cut out the size you want, remembering to add
extra for the fold over flap. Then fold to the
 size you have decided to make
I'm using a plate to make the rounded edges,
trace round with a pen or marker of choice...
Cut around the marked edge with scissors
I'm just checking the size...I made the blue
bag without taking measurements...the pink
one is a fraction larger....
Flatten the folded edge with a plastic ruler
Sew binding across the top. To hold bag together
use bulldog clips...or pegs. I could only find one...
Better buy some more!
Then pin the binding to the side. Pin all the
way round over the flap and finishing at the
bottom of the right side. You don't need
to bind the bottom because it is folded.
I used pins and clips to hold the
oil cloth in place
Cut bias ends leaving enough bias
to turn under for finishing off
Sew the binding on with a straight stitch. I stop
stitching at the opening just before the flap.
Then I flip the bag over so I can start stitching
 again on the right side of the fold down bias.
 Keeps it all nice and don't want
 bobbin tangles on the front of the bag
Fold the end under what ever way you like.
This is not a very good job as I can see the
 folds underneath. Oil cloth fabric is slippery
 so it's easy for the binding to move.
I needed more bulldog clips!
Cut Velcro for closures. I made it hard for myself
by doing this process at the end when the bag
was finished. Best this is sewn on in the
beginning before you sew the bias on it
 makes it easier
Because I didn't think I could sew the Velcro on
 I glued it. But not one to give up easily I did
manage to sew it on in the end....not an easy
                  task.  It's much better to do it at the
To hide the stitches on the front I sewed a piece
 of bias to the front
All finished and ready to use...


  1. I love your fabric choices! That pink strawberry fabric is just to die for; holy cow; I love it. What a lovely little bag.

  2. Thank very much I wasn't too sure about the pink but it turned out okay so that was good....


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