Time To Tidy-Up

Before I can even think about making my pin cushion for the Pin Cushion Swap...... I have to clean up my stash. What a mess I think I lost 2 days to folding all the fabric!

This is just a little bit....there is still a big tub and
 a little box of quilting fabric. Why do I do this?
 It used to be packed perfectly....
I sorted out some buttons I thought I might need.
To only have them all put back in the button jar
by someone...because little children were
This is better and I'll maybe chose something here
for the pin cushion swap!


  1. Fabric stash!!! wow.. I too, do this too, It can all be folded so neat and nicely on a shelf, and inspiration hits and I strow stuff everywhere, ha. [and I also have those little visitors ,who LOVE to mess with my sewing stuff.,ha]
    Looking forward to the pin cushion.. This swap is so much fun. I need to get started on my ideas..

  2. Yes little visitors are fun...I run round hiding everything.....I'm still tidying up my stash LOL!
    The pin cushion swap is fun I still haven't decided what I'm doing...


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