Christmas Raspberry Vodka

I'm having a sort of Polish day, I wanted to cook Pierogi but have settled for making Raspberry Vodka. I usually don't use measure anything when making Raspberry Vodka. Today I'm trying out a different recipe. I should have started this process earlier so it would be ready in time for Christmas.....

These days though I spend more time admiring the lovely red raspberry coloured vodka than drinking it. If you know how to make Raspberry Vodka and have missed something please tell me....

Version one:
Though I've used sugar this time I have also made Raspberry Vodka with out sugar. It really is a matter of taste...To do this I just add vodka to my raspberries placed in the glass jar. Then I keep it for three months. Next I strain the raspberry/ vodka mix and bottle it, now it's ready to drink.

Here is today's effort version two: (in the pics)
One large bottle of Vodka
2 cups Raspberries
1/2 cup Caster Sugar (fine white sugar)
1 large glass preserving jar
Muslin or filter for straining raspberry vodka
Method: is written up on pics...

Here is version three for making Raspberry Vodka:
I used this version a few years back to make my raspberry vodka. It is more time consuming, so I'm really interested to see if the above recipe tastes the same with much less effort....

To start with you put the raspberries into a sterile preserving jar with a lid (I don't measure). Add some good quality vodka (the higher the alcohol content the better) to cover the fruit. Cover the jar and let it sit for a week in a cupboard, or somewhere dark. Next you pour off the vodka and tip this into another sterile glass jar.

Now place your raspberries gently into another sterile jar, layer with sugar and then cover the jar. When the juice reaches almost the top of the fruit pour the raspberry juice off into another sterile jar. You can keep repeating this process over and over until you get no more juice from the fruit. Of course you use a few jars so it's takes time, but four glass jars is probably all you will need.

Next mix the raspberry coloured vodka and raspberry fruit syrup together, strain through sterile muslin (now it will become a clear liquid) and add this mix into a glass bottle. You can add more vodka to the bottle too.  Let it sit for awhile in the fridge and don't forget to turn the bottle every now and then.....
To serve:
I pour the Raspberry Vodka straight into a nip glass (do they still call them that?) and you drink it straight.
If you eat the vodka soaked raspberries left in the jar you may get 'drunk'. I ate a vodka soaked prune once from Dziadzia's flavoured prune/plum vodka bottle and it made me feel a bit tipsy. Mind you his base vodka was almost 100% proof he used to make the vodka it himself out of potatoes....

Version one method & pics:
Raspberry Vodka was my choice...
Pierogi is a big effort I'll do that next time
I used frozen Raspberries, but fresh is better....
They are not in the shops yet. You will need to
 defrost the raspberries
2 cups of Raspberries
Make sure everything is sterile...
Jar, spoon, muslin, bottle
I used 1/2 cup of Caster Sugar
I don't use the cheapest vodka just a
middle priced one...
You won't believe this I bought a new jar
 to do this. When I shook the raspberry vodka
 mix it leaked at the lid....
I keep the jar in a dark cupboard for
12 weeks or so. When it's ready I strain the
 raspberry vodka mix using a sterile muslin
cloth. Then I add the strained raspberry mix
 back into the Absolute Vodka bottle. It's
ready to drink now!


  1. I'm not a vodka drinker, but this looks awfully good!

  2. Thanks I think I like the making of it more than the drinking...hopefully this batch will be good!


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