Sewing a Deer Costume

Was this sewing experience an easy task? No it wasn't, everything that was going to go wrong did! My sewing was wonky and untidy, nothing fitted and when I altered the costume it became a bit tight in length  (I didn't measure anything I just guessed).

I added a contrast stretch fabric for the tummy and then the sewing machine hated sewing this fabric too....The applique not the best around the contrast tummy as the machine tension wasn't right. In hindsight I think I should have stuffed the round tummy with Dacron. It would have looked kinda cute!

I used Easy McCall's Costumes M5956 pattern as the base for making my deer costume. I even tried to put the 18" zip in because the pattern instructions said insert a zip in the front. I really must have had brain fog because the fabric was just super stretchy fabric and I wouldn't normally sew a zip in.  So I had to unrip and take out the zip because my sewing was just so messy it was an embarrassment. In the end I added a Velcro opening in the back. Hmmmm...I'm so out of sewing practice no wonder I made so many mistakes.

Would I recommend this pattern?
Yes I would, but I'd make sure I had the sizing and length right before I cut out the fabric. Next time if there ever is one, I won't use very stretchy stretch fabric. But the pattern has lots of potential for making other animal dress-ups.

Sewing pattern was a bit big....
All finished and looking cute!


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