Hanging Around the Christmas Tree

You can't take the 'stray out of a cat'. I adopted this boy to give him a better life. He'd been wandering the streets and ended up at the vets. So he's very skillful at opening packages of food. Now he's decided to open the dog's present, a big bag of Ekanuba...tastes better if it's stolen!

This was done so silently...I never heard and
I was sitting close by
The present is now in the garage...But
somehow he has managed to get himself
into the garage too and is eating the Ekanuba...


  1. So funnny!!! Now .. I call that one smart fellow.I have some grandkids ,who were pretty sneaky

    1. Yes he is a smart cat he won't starve he'll just open anything. I came home once to find a bag of rice everywhere that he chose to open. Hmmmm yes I have had a sneaky grandchild this year too :)

  2. Who knows, there might be a little Christmas mouse in that bag!!

  3. Too funny.. Hope you and family had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Hugs


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