Sewing New Look 6103

Help I'm having a bad sewing day! If anything was going to go wrong it did, and I think the type of fabric (from my stash) played a big part in this. It was a type of heavy taffeta like fabric. So the front of the skirt didn't sit right, I needed to alter the darts and make them longer so the front of the skirt sat flatter over the tummy part...

I had difficulty easing the waist band onto the skirt body no matter how many times I pressed the fabric it still puckered at the waist band. Personally I don't like sewing these type of waist bands (makes fitting harder).

I thought my zip sewing was perfect, but it wasn't. I had a slight excess of fabric so it didn't look as good as it should of. But I wasn't going to unpick it as I hated sewing this fabric. Also I wasn't too sure if the skirt was going to look good anyway...

Overall this pattern is an easy sew and I'd make it again in a different fabric. Also maybe I wouldn't have a waist band I'd just use a facing like Style B....Has anybody else had trouble easing the waist band?

Pattern: New Look 6103
Fabric: Heavy taffeta type
Size: 14
Zip: 7"
Finished and not too bad...pleased that's over
but I do love the colour!
The back..this is probably more
of a winter skirt as the fabric is heavy.
You'll get too hot wearing this in the
Oops she fell it's really windy....the
waist band looks better lying down!
I'm  still not happy with it. It doesn't
 sit as well as it should.


  1. great skirt, great seeing sewing stuff for yourself

    1. Thanks but it's for my daughter, don't sew a lot for myself these days...I'm not very good at that LOL

  2. Sorry, you had so much sewing trouble.. I hate when a project does that.eeeeeeeeh!!!
    But it turned out really pretty.. I love the colors of the fabric. And in the photo, the waistband and zipper looks great. Hope you will ejoy wearing.
    I haven't done this skirt pattern. Love skirts.

    1. Must have read like it was's my girl...Yes it's a pain when things go wrong. I love skirts too :)

  3. oops.. I looked at the pattern #, and I have made this skirt pattern, Actually, twice. I did the one with out the waistband.. Was really simple. Can't remember if I posted it or not? Will check and see..

  4. The fabric is lovely. You can always take the waistband off and use a wide bias tape as a facing if you don't have enough fabric.

  5. Thanks Rhonda that's a good idea I think next time I'll do this :)


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