Beach Bag Number Two

There goes another piece of fabric gone out of my stash. It has been there since about 2001 when I made school cushions out of it. The only problem I had sewing this fabric was my straight stitching went wonky when using both my Juki and Bernina 801. The sewing machines didn't like it.

Probably though I needed new needles or a much better thread for both machines (I used overlocking). In the end after unpicking my wonky stitches I persevered and sewed the bag with my old Bernina 801.

For this bag I bought the strapping, the canvas
fabric was too thick to make straps with
Because I sewed with yellow thread
I had to unpick the wonky stitches..


  1. super cute.. Love the fabric..sorry it gave you trouble..

  2. Thank you very much...I should have tested the fabric first the bag will be handy...

  3. This is truly the perfect beach bag. So cute. Much cuter made up than sitting in the stash pile ;)

  4. Yes better used than just left there year after year...Even though it's not waterproof it will be good for carrying towels.


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