Strawberry Dresses

I read on one of my feeds that Pam over at Threading My Way had made the Good Deed Dress.  I liked the style, so I thought I would try the pattern out too. The 'Good Deed Dress' pattern can be found here.

The dresses are finished but not hemmed.
The dresses were a really tight fit to get on,
so I had a wee problem to solve..
After a problem free sewing time (don't you love those). I couldn't believe it... the dresses were rather hard to get on the girls. Pushing and pulling them about like dolls was not going to be any good for any future wear. I could see that I would need to alter them otherwise they would not want to wear them.

Obviously I made the wrong size and lining the top part of the dress would not have helped (it made it smaller). I'm not one for using a tape measure too much, I like to guess....Though I must admit it is hard to sew for someone else when they are not here for the fittings...and I usually rely on fittings as my measurements.

The problem:
The smaller dress when fitted was too tight over the head.
The larger dress fitted over the head, but was a bit tight when fitting the arms through the armholes.

Fixing the problem:
It took a bit of thought because I wanted the same alteration for both dresses. I thought about opening up the back. But I decided against that idea as the dress would be smaller still with a back seam. I decided to open up the side seam instead.

My intention was to sew a zip into the side seam opening. This was not a good idea as the side seams were too small, so I  had to made a false seam for the turn over. When I sewed the seam with the zip in it, it looked awful...It looked so tacky I had to unrip it all out.

The problem was finally solved by keeping the side seam partly open, making some buttonhole loops, and then attaching a facing to neaten off the opening. Next I then sewed two heart shaped buttons on the opposite side to the button hole loops. I also sewed on some Ric-Rac to the waist seam for decoration.

Would I make the dress again?
Yes I would and I'd use my tape measure instead of guessing :) I think I need to go to a 'how to use your tape measure tutorial'. I'm just joking...

Alteration: buttons and buttonhole loops
Fabric: Cotton Seersucker
The finished strawberry dress for eating
strawberries in!


  1. How adorable..and how smart to figure this out.. Love the little button loops..perfect solution..
    ps...I too ,have been guilty of not using the tape measure , often
    The girls are adorable.

  2. Not the most perfect loops LOL...thanks the girls are funny the youngest loves pretty dresses. I'm just so pleased I was able to fix the dresses. Hope your having some nice sewing days!


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