Pickling Green Tomatoes

This is an old recipe given to me by a friend many years ago on how to make Green Tomato and Pineapple Pickle. A little time consuming, only because you have to sprinkle the green tomatoes with salt for two hours...I left this batch overnight though and it was fine. Luckily I've been saving 'Craigs' marmalade jars so I didn't have to buy any glass jars this time.

Green Tomato and Pineapple Pickle
4 1/2lb Green tomatoes
2 1/4lb Onions
3 Cups sugar (white)
1 1/2 TB Turmeric, Curry, Mustard
1/2 Cup flour
2TB Golden syrup
Vinegar (white)
450g Pineapple (large tin)

* Chop green tomatoes and onions and put into a bowl
* Sprinkle over 2TB of common salt (plain)
* Leave for 2 hours and stir frequently
* Next pour off the liquid and put into pot
* Barely cover the tomatoes and onions with vinegar
* Add 3 cups of sugar and simmer
* Add 1 large tin of pineapple pieces or crushed plus 2TB Golden Syrup
* Mix in small bowl, 1 1/2 TB mustard, curry, turmeric, 1/2 cup of flour
*  Add a little liquid to make a smooth flour/spice paste  
* Then add to the pan and boil 10 minutes.
* Bottle and seal when cold

I think large cans of pineapple are now 425g. I have no time stated for simmering, I simmer my tomatoes and onions until they are soft. I like to use white onions too.

A mixture of tomatoes, Taupo & Beefsteak
The whole house smelled of pickle
actually it was quiet a refreshing small
Drain the soaked Green tomatoes and onions
and put it all in the pot
Cook for until all  the tomatos and
onions are soft and the mixture has
 thickened. Now it's ready to bottle...
Hmm...I always make a mess when
pouring hot pickle into the hot sterilized jars 
This year it doesn't look so chunky..
I used crushed pineapple instead of pieces
It's  been cooked a lot longer too...
All bottled and ready to label...It's so
nice to use up all my homegrown
tomatoes....This year was a big crop
about 30kg!


  1. I have never seen this recipe. It looks good! The only problem I have is that I love fried green tomatoes, so I end up frying them before I can do anything with them. A friend of mine grows a lot of tomatoes, so I am going to pass the recipe on to her and see if she will make some for me:)

  2. It's a nice recipe I like it...I've never tried frying green tomatoes I must try this next season, to see what they taste like! That might be the end of my pickle making too...LOL


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