My Elna 745

My Elna overlocker has been living in the garage because it's not running well...I need to get it fixed, but there are only two Elna service agents in Christchurch. One wants you to pay $50.00 up front before they will look at the machine, the other is further away and I've never been there.

I hate the thought of paying $50.00 up front, it sort of annoys me so I haven't taken it in to be fixed it's $130.00 for a service there. Which is a rather expensive exercise seeing my other overlocker goes elsewhere for $75.00.

Anyway I brought the Elna 745 inside and played around with it and managed to get the rolled hem going...I was so pleased, now all I have to do now is get the narrow hem working as I need to hem some fairy dresses. I wish I'd married a sewing machine mechanic (just joking).

The service can still wait a bit longer, but perhaps not too long because they might put their prices up...

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