The Dolls House Project

I've been working on a dolls house so I have used stuff I've had lying around the house. I didn't want to spend too much money on the decorating so I used up scrap book papers for wallpaper. Then I used up tester pots of paint for the furniture.

All my dolls house decorating went very well until it was played with. Some of the wallpaper started to peel, but it was nothing that couldn't be fixed which I was going to do that day. In the mean time I managed to get bitten by something nasty so I have been out of action for the past week.

Today I thought I would glue the paper back down and put away the dolls house to only find the CAT has destroyed it...He's taken the curtains down, pictures have fallen off and ripped the wallpaper. Actually all the wallpaper is falling off...

Unfortunately all my hard work has not worked out because the paper on the walls all came off much  too easily. My problem is that the surface of the shelves are a laminate, so nothing sticks too it...I sort of knew that the wallpaper would fall down because I needed to sand the surface. But if I do that it will ruin the surface for later use as a shelf.

I'll pop up some pics in the next post of  how the bedroom  did look...I'm still deciding what to do...I have another old dolls house in the garage...Maybe I'll do that one up and give the girls this one to take home to use.

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