Lets Throw The Snowball...

I knew it wouldn't last long before I started to make a mess again.....Actually I've been a little lost with no sewing to do. So I've been busy making games for Christmas to keep the children amused...Except my tidy house for Christmas is no more!

Throw The Snowball
You need:
* 1 cardboard box
* Some Acrylic paints, White especially
* Paint brushes, different sizes
* A pair of scissors
* Hot glue gun
* Anything you can use to make snowballs

Let's Start Painting:
* Draw or paint a Snowman onto a cardboard box. I just painted straight onto the box...
* Next paint in the background ( I could only find pink paint).
* Let the paint dry, cut a hole into the painted Snowman's mouth.
* Then use the hot glue gun to glue the flaps on the box so it looks tidy.
* Next I painted the whole box white.

Your Snowman is all ready to play...Oops, I forgot the snowballs. They just need to be a white ball shape. You can use Ping Pong balls, Polystyrene balls, Pompoms, White Marshmallows (not too sure about this one, there will be sticky little fingers everywhere).

Lets Play:

Put all the snowballs in a bucket. Draw a line with chalk on the concrete patio, or tape the carpet if you're inside (make sure it's a tape you can get off). The children stand behind the line to throw three snowballs one at a time into the Snowman's mouth....When a snowball lands in the Snowman's mouth, a prize is given to that child.

This was fun until I spilt the tester pot on the lawn
and the dog stood in it....
We have a winner!

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