Kitty Kat Kute

This is such a cute cat needle wallet pattern....I really don't do justice to it at all. To start with my felt wasn't strong enough for the outside of the wallet and I wasn't so fussy on my sewing which is pretty uneven. I'll blame the light or my eyes I'm not good on the small stuff....especially when you don't mark anything. The good thing is it doesn't matter what it looks like my needles are now in one place...

But it is a very cute sewing kit to make and I'd make it again as it was fun. Next time though,I'd make it with a firmer material for the outside. You can find the pattern, pdf files and instructions at sew4home

Left over pieces of black felt went missing for the
cat's face, so it became a white puss...Then I forgot
 to add the Dacron under the cat face....
The cat ended looking flat!


  1. Thank you for showing this, I have just gone over and saved the tutorial to do some other time. I came across your blog via House Of Pinheiro by the way. It is always nice to find another sewy blog to look at for inspiration.

    1. Thanks, yes it's great to find other blogs for inspiration. Glad you've got the tutorial I'd like to make it again with better stitching:)


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