New Sewing Case

This sewing case is made out of a type of oil cloth, it's much bigger than my other. I fancied it so much  I  just had to buy it!


  1. I find hard to use sewing cases. When i went to classes I take as little as possible because things disappear and at home I need an open box type on my table..

  2. Yes when I go somewhere I take minimal sewing stuff too, as your right you lose stuff...I just use it for mending mostly or hand sewing at home but an open one would be much better....

  3. SO pretty, I have a big one that my kids gave me for Mother's day years ago.. I really just keep extra stuff in it..And its pretty to look at ,lol..
    I love that yours is oil cloth..Easy to just wipe off.

  4. Thanks, I keep extra stuff in this too, I liked the oil cloth and it had a bird on it so I was sold...


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