Sewing up Scraps

I'm procrastinating and putting off covering a square cushion with oil cloth. I know it's got to be done but I'm avoiding it.....

I've been playing around with scraps of oil cloth and I made this little bag. It's nothing special and rather a simple design......But I made it with the purpose of collecting up all my make-up that I leave lying around.

It's very easy to make as it only has a velcro closure and it's turned under at the top and sewn. I cut out a rectangle of oil cloth on the fold,  then I just sewed up the side seams. Because the bottom is on the fold I just sewed the corners. This made the bag more square at the bottom so it could stand alone.

I like that it is semi-open
Easy to get in and find stuff...
Velcro closure...


  1. great idea.. I need to sew oil cloth but I'm so scared !

    1. Oil cloth is a bit tricky but I'm sure you would do okay with it....I'm dreading covering this cushion with it!!!

  2. Toooo cute.. I love the fabric colors..

  3. Thanks I like the colours too...


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