Pin Cushion Swap 2012

After lots of 'trying to make a pin cushion' here is the one I sent to the U.S.A. I stuffed it with Dacron I wanted to try walnut shells, but had visions of it being stuck at Customs...

Here is the pin cushion I received from my swap partner all the way from the Mississippi. I'm very pleased with it and it will get much use. The pin cushion swap has been a lot of fun. Thanks Rach and Charlotte....


  1. Both are very pretty! Enjoy your new toy,er,pincushion ;)

  2. Beautiful pincushions. You both a very special friends !

  3. Yes thanks Rach for our wonderful pin cushion experience...

  4. So proud you liked it.. It was my first..but am now experimenting with making fun..
    BTY...I am loving my beautiful pincushion and just thinking about the many miles it has traveled.AWSOME!!!thankyou again.

  5. Thanks yes they have travelled so many miles and I want to make more too but I'm having a sewing block...don't know where to start LOL


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