I'm Sewing...

I cut out this dress in June and sewed a couple of seams and left it in a heap....Which is really not like me, I usually finish what I start...It's really not a good idea to leave a sewing project, then try to sew it later on. I forgot what design I had cut out and all my notches had frayed into the fabric. Then I wasn't sure which markings were which...I assumed I was making size 2, but I think I cut it out too short. Never mind...

I've now made the dress up in style A from Mccalls 6154 sewing pattern. But I added the pockets from style C to the dress. I couldn't fine my iron-on stiffening I cut out for the front yolk. So instead I used a much stiffer one...That wasn't a good choice because it was like cardboard in the front and the back yolk was nice and soft.... This pattern is pretty much an easy sew, though slightly fiddly as smaller garments are. The finished dress looked a bit wide I thought, and I would have liked more gathers...

I was pleased with my fabric choice of baby pincord. Though I did have a bit of trouble with the front yolk, I had an excess of fabric when top stitching (but that was probably due to the cardboard stiffening causing problems). Overall I'd make sew this style again.

Yes it's too big but then I thought it would
 be as it's a size 2. Her mum pinned her
up at the back... luckily she has a
big sister, she can wear it!
McCalls 6154 Size 2-5


  1. I think it looks great. Sewing for babies is so forgiving and hey, they do grow. She'll get lots of use out of this little jumper for quite a while.

    1. Thanks very much...yes that's the good thing about babies they grow so it will fit at some stage...

  2. This is so cute! It really makes me want to start sewing for my kids again.

    1. Thanks very much...I still sew for my big kids as well.


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