Extra Feet for the Juki F600

Here are my extra sewing feet for the Juki F600 I chose these ones:
Invisible Zipper Foot-Part No. 40080955
Button Attaching Presser Foot-Part No.40080969
Applique Presser Foot- Part No. 40080951
Pearl Attaching Presser-Part No.40080956 (not sure why I got this one I think it was a case of if I didn't buy it I might need it...crazy huh!

They were all bought online in Japan from a Japanese web-site mishin-net-store. Not that I can understand how to navigate this site as it's all in Japanese....Now I'll have to find myself a wee container to keep my Juki feet in or I'll lose them...

Packaging & instructions
Extra Juki F 600 sewing feet, they don't come
with the sewing machine...
Top view of feet L to R... Invisible Zip,
 blue tipped- Button Attaching Foot,
Applique Foot, Pearl Attaching Foot

and some snips from Japan....


  1. SO thrilled to have found another NZ owner of Jukis. the brother feet from spotlight fit too, I got a rolled hem foot from there. But I can't find a binding foot, so I will have to check that website out above!

  2. Hi there are we the only two in NZ? LOL. Thanks for telling me Brother feet fit I don't think I have a rolled hem foot. I haven't seen a binding foot...hope you find one I'll keep a look out too.
    I'm still learning to use it wish there was some support here have to keep looking on blogs and internet.

  3. Feel free to email me if you want, I've had mine for approx 1.5 years now, and am pretty familiar with it. I also started a Facebook group, but not much happens in there lol.
    Snuzal @ obviously without the spaces, but I hope it'll stop some spam email pickers

  4. Thanks I will do that. I haven't used it much too scared to do buttonholes LOL.. Have a nice Easter!


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