Summery Sunday Seeds

Today was the most beautiful day here, it was warm and cloudy...I like warm and cloudy. Such a lovely Sunday to spend in the garden and plant seedlings. Except I ran out of yoghurt containers, so a quick search on google solved the problem. I decided to make Newspaper Seedling Pots, there are lots of tutorials on the Internet...You just need some newspaper and a glass or can, how easy is that?

Here is my effort not so perfect though, but the seedlings won't mind! I'm not too worried about the ink print, people say it's fine as it's made of soy. I'm not too sure what the inks are used here hopefully it's soy too...

Your hands get a bit dirty making these wee pots...INK!
You can fold in half too...just depends
what size you want or the thickness
You can use other objects, like a small tin...
 But I could only find a glass
My glass wasn't the same roundness at the top so I
kept going wonky....
Doesn't really matter if it doesn't look perfect,
so long as there is enough turn-over to
keep the soil/potting mix in...
Use your fingers to fold down the end a bit before you
 stamp/flatten the bottom with the glass
My pot is looking promising...
Cute and cheap too...I'm not buying
peat pots ever again
All finished and ready to put soil in and place seeds inside.
The good thing about these pots is you can just unfold the
bottom, and then dig in the newspaper pot with the seedling
straight into the garden...


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