Japanese Pattern: Gathered Skirt With a Bow

Have you checked out the ebook How To Sew Japanese Patterns on the blog Sew in Love by Rin.

I purchased it sometime last year, saved it to a hard drive and forgot about it until now...The fabric for this high waisted skirt I have had a long time. It was originally bought for a dress but it crinkled so much I didn't fancy having to iron it all the time...

While this skirt is an easy sew it is work intensive, firstly you have to get your head around the Japanese, then you have to trace your pattern and add seam allowances. Rin has done a great job with all the things you need to know about Japanese patterns, and the English instructions for the skirt. A great resource to have.

Though I must say me being me, who is always doing things backwards. I started out this sewing project without reading anything except the English instructions for 'How to putting the skirt together', nothing else. Hence I missed adding seam allowances onto the skirt. I just went for it and followed the pictures and forgot about seam allowances.

Sometimes I believe learning by doing is the way to go, and today was the day I followed that philosophy. I absolutely loved making this skirt, it was a challenge through my own making. I found the whole process interesting, and I was so pleased with the fit for someone who is over 6ft.

This is my daughter's skirt. I've never been able to wear gathered skirts I'm too short wasted, they just don't suit me. I cut the pattern and fabric out on LL size. I probably could have gone a size down or even smaller as I had plenty of fabric left over on the back seam when fitting. This pattern is so much nicer than a similar skirt I made, a New Look high waisted gathered skirt.

If you want to purchase this ebook you can find out about it here.

Awhile back I had my lovely Japanese daughter in-law help me look at a children's Japanese pattern book that I bought awhile back. It was interesting for me because she is not a sewer so we ended up being both learners together. She was able to translate the Japanese words into English, and I could tell her what they meant for me when cutting out the pattern and sewing it.  It was a nice time together.

Who hates those hem fittings? I am afraid I am not the nicest hem fitter, you certainly wouldn't want me marking your hem. I am just so impatient with my commands, that I actually almost yell when the person turns the wrong way....Only to my family though. Poor things they have to stand on a table really still with me barking commands from underneath.

Finally it's hemmed...

Here is the finished skirt, it was very sunny out so the pics aren't as clear as I would have liked. The hem wasn't that easy to do because the fabric is just so flimsy. I just straight stitched it in the end on the good old Bernina 801. But I must say I really enjoyed sewing from this pattern. You might like to try it too!

The fabric I used was a very light cotton that crinkled so easily
A very floaty fabric perhaps it should have been lined. But I
didn't want to add bulk around the waist.
Will sew again at some stage. Loved this project and
I love how the way the fabric flows and the style...

What's on my Needles?

An Aran scarf....I stuffed up with my Trellis stitch (actually I have never knitted it before). What's on my needles now? Well I'm back at the beginning I've had to unrip. Don't you hate that, thank goodness it's thick wool and bigger needles...

I'm using 5mm needles and 12 ply white wool

Another Lace Skirt

This black fabric is from my stash, I only had enough for the skirt. I used the lining to make the band which ended up pleating itself, never mind you won't see it!

Both the fabric and lining are stretch. The fabric itself is a black winter weight stretch lace that picks up every bit of fluff....don't like that part. It's the same pattern as the 30 Minute Lace Skirt in pink...

Looks much better on but I had to settle for the
Dummy as model...
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