Remembering Anzac Day 2020

I got carried away with the poppy...I got the petals wrong but
you can't see :)
Teddy ready for the 6am start (Anzac Day in lockdown)

Juki MO-623

Had to re-thread got it all wrong so used video link below. Not
much out there for this wee machine. Goes well now it was my
How to thread the JUKI MO-623

Jigsaw Stalemate

Four weeks and it's not finished. Since lockdown I've lost my
mojo for jigsaws!

Teddy's Pants & Bow

Not sure how many days it is now maybe twenty? One day seems much the same as the next...
Used up the scraps of fabric and made Teddy number 2 some pants.
 Teddy number 2 sitting on my sack cushion I sewed up for summer.

Finally This Bear Has Pants

His feet are so clean, I took him out of the window to make him pants.
His little bow tie is  bit small but his pants fitted perfect.
Pants pattern here.

A Bowl full of Masks

A bowl full of face masks by the door in case they are needed.
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