Half Finished Happy Chibi

Where have I been? Well I haven't been blogging, I've been living...Gosh I can't believe I've said that, does that mean when I'm blogging I'm not living?

That's a good question I'll ponder on it and maybe you would like to ponder on it too...Does spending so much time on a computer stop you from living your life?

I've really had to push myself to sew, I have totally lost my sewing mojo!! I think I've lost my blogging mojo as well. Please could you both come back or I'll have nothing to write about!

Today is rather a nice day and I'm making a real effort to show you all what I've been doing sewing wise. Actually I think the real reason I'm blogging is I'm avoiding housework, I hate it.

I had to force myself to sew Miss Chibi here. She's still not finished but at least my stash is a few scraps down.

Not only do we have Happy Chibi standing there in the pic, we have Happy Catti too who is almost too fat to sit on the windowsill...

Happy Chibi doll pattern @
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