More on The Merrylock 740DSA Overlocker

Do you struggle with looking for information on the 4-thread Merrylock 740DSA? It seems to be almost invisible on the Internet, my country New Zealand, doesn't have a lot of information either. Though it can still be bought off trade me  at (Direct Sewing Machines-Auckland) or here.

Juki MO-50/51e, any information you find on this serger/overlocker will also apply to the 4- thread Merrylock 740DSA.

Here are my latest findings...The Juki 50/51 MO-e  can now be bought in New Zealand through trade me  (Auckland Sewing). So If you wanted a Merrylock and can't get one you can get a Juki or visa versa. The Juki comes with the DVD.

Also the facade of the Juki MO-51/50 is different to the Merrylock but the three of them still have the same workings, threading, stitches etc.

Images © Sew Sister and Google
 You can see the facade on the Juki is totally different to the Merrylock
which is just straight and flat. Image© goggle

A video I like a lot on you tube gives you very specific instructions on the Juki MO-51e, and the instructions are suitable for the 4-thread Merrylock 740 DSA also. These are exactly the same instructions for learning to use the 4-thread Merrylock 740 DSE. 

One important lesson I did learn was the Merrylock overlocker/serger must be re threaded in order all the time. You will laugh at this one...I only discovered where my accessories were a few months back. They are hidden within the machine, nice and tidy...

Image © Sew Sister
Instruction Manual For Juki MO-51e:

To download the manual PDF go to This website takes a moment to open. Use this manual if you have not got a 4-thread Merrylock Manual it's the same instructions.

Juki Household Sewing Machine, Japan shows accessories that can be bought for the Juki MO-50e overlocker/serger, and I would say these will fit the Merrylock also. See here for MO-50e attachments.

Another Blogger has done a good review on the Juki; blog post-review Juki MO 50e/51e . This is worth having a look at too.

Optional Attachments For Juki and Merrylock:

  • Blind Stitch Foot
  • Elasticator Foot
  • Beading Foot
  • Piping Foot
  • Gathering Foot
  • Taping Foot

Merrylock 740DSA Tension

Not my favourite thing but here we go....
Here is the tension setting I usually use for my Merrylock 740DSA Overlocker. I've tried other settings, but I usually come back to this one. It seems to work on cotton, and stretch fabric okay...Never tried it really heavy fabric but for mid-weight fabric the stitch seems fine.

Stitch length dial setting.
Keeping a record...
Cutting width adjustment.
Differential feed dial setting.
Using these tension numbers at present.
Overlocker Thread on Cotton Flannel fabric.

Jaile Circle Skirt 2456

Jaile sewing pattern 2456 was pretty easy to use, plus sew.  I should have used one size smaller to give the tiered skirt a much tighter fit. Unfortunately I sewed the rolled hem first (lesson to be learnt here). This made it impossible for me to take it in without losing the length of the skirt. You can't unpick my rolled hem without cutting the fabric, hence it's best to cut off. Because the person is tall whom I'm sewing this skirt for it would have been too big a sacrifice too lose some of the length. Also I never made the pants that go underneath so the length mattered...

I did lengthen the waist band slightly, and then doubled it as I did on the red skirt...Next time when sewing this skirt I certainly won't sew the rolled hem first. Also I think I won't double the waist band to attach to the two tiered skirt. This made the seam bulky because of the thickness of the Lycra.


Pattern: Jaile 2456, Download from Jaile
Fabric: 4 way sparkly wet look stretch Lycra
Cost: Around $30.00 per metre for fabric only
Size: AA (14)
Style: Pull on tiered circle skirt

A Cushion Cover Sruce-up

I've never been one to be afraid of colour I can live with it easily...If nothing matches in the house it doesn't worry me. So when choosing the fabric off-cuts to recover my cushions (the others went shabby real quick) my bright yellow walls didn't come into the equation at all.

Anyway I can't do much with the walls they have to stay yellow, my house is still not fixed from the Earthquake. So no renovating, or painting until the claims settled...Would you believe it's almost five years on and I'm still living with a broken slab etc. Very cold in winter...

I made the cushion covers envelope style with a sewn border around the edges...With no zips to sew it was a very happy sewing day. I must say the cushion covers with the invisible zips did not last. Too many pets and a dog that thinks it's a pony, not a Labrador that it was born to be, plus with little and big children all adding to the wear and tear...So basically I went back to my old style of making cushion covers, easy with no fuss. Washing these covers is a breeze because they just slip off.

From my experience, buying the most expensive material at $60.00 a metre is not good either when you find out that cushion cover fabric still falls to bits...I now settle for cheap, or buying fabric in the sales.

Sewing my First Jaile Pattern

Finally I have found myself behind the machine sewing....

This adult sized circular skirt was sewn up in an evening and I was very happy with the pattern. It fitted well. I did lengthen a couple of inches onto the waist/hip band and left the pants out...Perhaps I could have gone a size smaller for fit around the waist band though.

I had a few scraps  left so I made little skirts for the girls in a size 4, that's the only pattern size fitted onto my left over scraps of fabric. A size 5 would have been better....The sparkly Lycra was a hit. I must say I enjoyed sewing the Lycra fabric it was a nice weight to sew. Sometimes Lycra can be tricky (well for me anyway).


Pattern: Jaile 3025, Download from the Jaile website.

Fabric: 4 way Sparkly wet look stretch Lycra

Cost: Around $30.00 per metre

Size: AA (14) for adult skirt

Size: H (4) for child's skirt

Style: D-Circular skirt

Fabric covered in small glittery a wet look to it.

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