Kimono Jacket

This fabric used to be a sarong/wrap many years ago...As no one wears the wrap anymore I just kept it. I never had the heart to throw it out.

Today it has been cut up and now been totally refashioned into a Kimono Jacket. The pattern I used can be found over at  Sew Caroline. You just need to download the PDF and instructions. It's a very easy pattern to follow with good instructions. It's so easy to make, you should try it too...Caroline has other interesting patterns to buy too check them out here.

My Kimono Jacket is longer than the pattern
slightly...The patten allows for trim for the
sleeves and hem...
I cut the Kimono Jacket out to include the
tassels already on the wrap...
Also I didn't put trim on the arms I left
them  just hemmed.
I didn't make the top. It's just on to make
dummy look descent for the pic.

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