Rubee Red Apple Tree

This year we had lots of apple's... Rubee Red this apple tree is called, and it's a cross between a 'Pacific Rose' apple, and a 'Liberty'It's a very crisp, sweet eating apple, perfect for lunch boxes because it is small and not too big.

Apple bred by NZ Motueka plant breeder Roy Hart

Here's our semi-dwarf 'Rubee Red ' apple tree, a bit neglected and it needs a new stake. It's a grafted tree and supposed to be very hardy. The birds have been eating the apples too, must be the lovely, sweet, red fruit. Is that why the Blackbird is always on the fence and on guard near the tree? The two red apples by the top of the fence have been eaten to the core. I'll blame the Blackbird, you can just see a flush of red on the branch that is hanging over the fence. They once were apples...beautiful red apples, the best ones in the crop and I was watching them until...

The tree is growing crooked...better get a extra stake soon.
Bee friendly Cosmos keeps our tree happy! Plus the Waxeyes they like the seeds

This is our 'Rubee Red' apple harvest this year, and the tree is pretty much organic. We use Bee friendly sprays when we remember to spray, or else the tree doesn't get sprayed at all. There is not much information out there on the 'Rubee Red' apple tree. Has anybody else tried growing this apple? What do you think of it? It is not in our New Zealand supermarkets that I know of.

What's my opinion of the apple...I  really love it,  it's just so sweet to taste, and there is nothing like growing your own fruit and eating it straight off the tree...

The tree is fed with Organic Blood and Bone, Plus Citrus Feed and Manure.


  1. Nothing like getting fruit off our on trees.. Apples look so yummy.. Enjoy..

  2. Yes very nice apples 'Happy Easter' :)


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