Magnets & Pins

I can't live with out my magnetics when sewing.....Too many of my pins end up on the floor. When I was about fourteen my father bought a brand new Bernina 730 Record to hem his overalls........I can't remember how I started to sew........I've always had a curious mind and it's my guess I just had to try it out this new sewing machine.......I think I take after my Granny and sewing just came naturally to me.

I would always make the mistake of leaving my pins everywhere........My father always complained that I was always dropping pins and someone would step on them (I used to sew on the kitchen table)....... He'd pick up a pin, peer at me and tell me off in his broad foreign accent. Being young I never took much notice and kept on dropping pins.......I was always engrossed in my latest project. If only I had a magnet to pick up my pins back then......But the best part was my father let me take the sewing machine with me when I married and then it became me who hemmed his overalls for him.......

My big blue magnet I give to the button thief and he runs around and picking up my pins off the floor.......The yellow magnetic pin holder I keep by the sewing machine and if I drop a tin of pins  I just magnet them all up!

I found a good blog site for making your own magnetic pin holders.......Why didn't I think of that? Such a good idea and good way to use up old dishes, etc. Click here.

I've had the magnetic pin holder for years.........
My first sewing machine Bernina 730 Record......
A very heavy sturdy sewing machine that
my father liked to over oil.....I ended up
with oil spots all over my sewing.......


  1. Heh gets very grumpy because I not only drop pin in the carpet in most rooms I also drop in hid dressing grown when mine is on the wash. I have varios magnet pin holder just in case now... How nice your dad had a sewing machine... We are a bunch of tall people in my house so making hems weren't common and I'm the only granddaughter of 26 cousins that sew.

  2. Pins cause all sorts of problems :) Yes it was great he had a sewing machine because my mother never sewed at all. I am the only one that sews in my family here. That's amazing 26 cousins and you are the only one that must be very proud that you have that skill.


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