Merrylock 4-Thread Overlocker

I've had the chance to use a Merrylock 4- thread 740DSA  domestic overlocker.  It is made by the Tsang Yu Industrial Co. Ltd. The company produces other well known brands such as Singer, Elna and Babylock.

There's not a lot of information out there about Merrylock overlockers/sergers........So I'll tell you a wee bit about this machine........The overlocker is made in Taiwan and it it can do  a 4 thread stitch and 3 thread stitch and you can do a rolled hem. It's a built in rolled hem, no change of plate is required (just flick a switch). The Merrylock has differential feed too.......but the tension is manual. To change the overlocker form 4-thread to 3-thread you just take out one needle.

The price of the overlocker is around NZ $350.00.......It comes with an instruction book written in English, fairly easy to follow if you've owned an overlocker before. I still got stuck with the lower lopper but got there in the end (it has a auto-lopper threader, took me awhile to figure this out). The Merrylock 4-thread overlocker comes with the usual basic accessories and a waste tray. The accessory box is built-in, you just pull out to open and everything is there you need.

The Merrylock looks very similar to The Babylock (I think this overlocker is a Babylock Prestige with out the brand name), though some say it is similar to the Elna.......The overlocker comes with a basic plastic cover also, just the same as my Tru-Lock one from all those years ago........

Click here to read about the Merrylock 007 (a Merrylock cover stitch machine not the 4-thread I'm reviewing ). The cover stitch machine looks very good for it's price.......This is a good website to browse and learn about different sewing overlocking machines.......wished I'd found it earlier.

Do I like using it? At first I found it a bit tinny, different from the the heavy Tru-lock. Once I got my threading organized (took me a wee while for first go) and then set the tension it has been very enjoyable overlocker to use. Certainly a good buy for an entry level machine. A good overlocker to use for hobby classes or just as a spare......and it's light to carry about too!

Merrylock 4-thread
The heart stickers are my instructions on how to
work the machine &  regulate tensions
Merrylock uses HAx1 needles......
Colour co-ordinated hearts.......I go this idea for instruction sticker
 from a fellow blogger. Great for learning how your overlocker works!
Not a bad stitch I quite like it.....(my Elna stitch doesn't
look like this Hmmm!)
Baby Lock Prestige 750DS looks exactly the same
as the Merrylock except for the cotton guide hooks
 There is also no inch centimetre markings on the front
 of the Babylock like the Merrlyock.........


  1. Hey Sew Sister,

    while searching for a manual i landed here at your Blog.
    You gave a nice overview of the Merrylock. Well, i have bought myself a used Merrylock too, but after receiving the mashine i realized that the manual is missing. Would you be so kind and send me an copy of the manual by E-Mail? (
    Would be really great...
    Best regards

  2. Hi

    Yes I can do that for you, give me a few days to get it organized. I will have to scan then attach and I haven't used this scanner yet...

  3. Hi sew sister,
    Thanks for your info on merrylock.could u be kind enough to share on how to set the dial for rolled hemming.

    1. Hello

      You know I have never done the 3 thread rolled hem on this machine, so off i went after reading your query. Thinking this will be easy only to discover I do not have the instructions I only have half a manual....that is so terrible! Anyway I have found a source for the full manual and the instructions are on pg 29 thought don't look that clear to me. I will have a play round later...I'll put the address in a post for you. I just can't believe I was missing all this stuff!!!

    2. It is the 2020 on line but until I have a look clearly and play with my machine I won't know if these instructions help here is the pdf: this may help for rolled hem I'm not sure as it's different model...will continue my research :)

  4. Hi sew sister,
    Thank you for kind response.and thank you for the link.will try myself.and let u know a newbie just bought merrylock 848.they didnt include any guide i was searching on the net and found ur blog mention this machine.

  5. Hi Anee thank you for finding me :) because I didn't realize how to do the rolled hem either...Guess what I can do it now I just followed the instructions in the 2020 manual. Will post soon, but my camera refuses to charge so I might just write up the instructions... and post pic later Happy sewing!

  6. Hi sew sister ,

    could you please share your thread settings with me?

    1. Hi there

      Give me a day or so and I will tell you what I'm using. It's just the overlocker has been playing up and I have to re-thread and get it to go again...I'll be back :)


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