Funny Lunch

The last couple of days there was a lot of baking going on.........something for the wee man to take to school to share. His mother did it all, I just supervised and gave my opinion whether it was needed or not......If your keen for the Banana Cake recipe (which can be used for cup cakes too)  just email me and I'll forward it to you.

All the cupcakes were well hidden from the black cat.........My cat always eats Banana Cake he bites the cake and licks the icing......If you bake a Banana Cake and leave it on the bench wrapped in plastic and covered up on the bench overnight a surprise awaits you in the morning........When you get up you  find the cake half gone........This cat is so quick, you can just walk out the room and he's on the bench with his nose imbedded in the cake. Hmmm.......that black cat can smell a Banana Cake a mile away!

The Banana Cake cat in his wildness!

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