Dress a Girl Around the World

I've been busy making Pillowcase Dresses for the April project over at Hopeful Threads for 'Dress A Girl Around The World'. I followed a tutorial on Pam's blog Threading My Way and Pam has lots of information on it all over there. In fact that's where I found out about 'Dress A Girl Around The World' which I knew nothing about......

It is always 'Murhy's law' when I sew for someone else, if anything is going to go wrong it will....A few mistakes were made, forgetting to change the bobbin to match the fabric sometimes. My overlocker hated sewing over the gathered hem,  the tension just went wonky......But it was all passable and I doubt the dresses will fall apart....

I've really loved making these dresses....With the scraps of fabric left I made a pocket for the dresses. I decided on a heart shape because when we had our disaster here people around the world sent hearts. These all ended up on display in the Museum for the public to view. Later on they were given out to school children to keep...I have a white one one here.
Here is the heart
that someone somewhere made...
Maybe that person will see it here...

So I thought perhaps I could send a heart back in the form of a pocket to a little girl somewhere....But I wasn't satisfied with my heart pocket pattern piece? I tried different ones, but in the end the best ones were the ones I drew myself (the red and aqua ones).

Hearts pockets...I liked this one best...I sewed
ruffle hems because my pillowslips had a
weird flap, which would have made
the dress very heavy in the front...
I was rather proud of my bias making...
All four finished....blow'n in the wind on the Silk Tree



  1. The dresses are fabulous!!! The heart pockets are such a lovely idea and I love the way the binding, the pocket and the ruffle match. The colours look great, too. Thanks so much for the link back. I'm always forgetting to change the thread colour to match the fabric... LOL!!!

    1. Thanks Pam I've jus got to post them now.....You' have done some lovely ones I saw them on the group photos..

  2. those are beautiful. I made some last year and hopefully will make some more soon. such a beautiful campaign

    1. Thanks very much, I thought you had made some and blogged about it.....but wasn't sure. Yes it is a lovely campaign and so wonderful to be able to this :)

  3. Awesome post! Beautiful dresses! By the won one of the prizes at Hopeful Threads! Email me to get the details! :) Congrats!!!

  4. Oh that's wonderful and exciting, thanks for the great feed-back :)

  5. How pretty, I love the heart pockets, such a sweet idea. I too, make pillowcase dresses for different countries. My daughter in law's uncle is a missionary for Hatti , so I send some by him, And our church sent some to Africa.. It is such a need, all over the world.. And I love making them.

  6. Thanks for sharing....I like heart pockets too, I loved making the dresses. It gives you a real sense of satisfaction doesn't it? I'd like to do more and will at some stage when I get myself organised!


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