Celebrations and Cakes

It was one of the girls birthday celebrations yesterday. I thought I'd post her cake her mother bought her which was made by Patisserie Yahagi. This cake is not sweet as usual cake making with sugar....

Fresh cream and fruit with peaches inside....


  1. Yummy cake.. and what a sweet and pretty birthday girl.. Happy birthday!!!

  2. Hi Theresa,
    I sent you an email too.. but not sure if it is the right one?
    Anyway, I got my pincushion today.. Oh, I love,love it.. The fabric is beautiful and so well made.. I loved all the pins.. You were so thoughtful and sweet..[and did way too much!!!] I will always treasure it. I will tell everyone, it came all the way from New Zealand.. I am so excited. Thankyou so much.Hugs, Judy

  3. Thanks Judy I got yours today thank you very much it's lovely a nice size and I loved the colours and fabric, well done on your first pin cushion I will treasure it too and have told everyone it comes Ms...Hugs too!

    1. Hi Theresa, so proud you got your pin cushion.. [Wish it could have been better.. I tried 2-3 different ones.. and they just didnt come out,. I am going to keep making them, and hoping to get better.ha
      I posted on flickr.. Happy sewing and crafting.

  4. sYou're like me I wish mine could have been better too. I tried others as well I need to keep sewing them too and try out different styles. I've posted too on flicr Happy Pin Cushion sewing to us!


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