Five Little Frogs

I was sewing only one frog, but a frog maker I am not! One little frog turned into five, because I sewed them way too close to the edge of the fabric.....I used quilting cotton and they all started to fray a little. But I've fixed them now with a bit of thread and some fabric glue.

Why am I making frogs? Well a little boy asked me as he wanted a frog for something.....The good thing from all my frog sewing mistakes is, he's been very playing frogs forever. It's a long weekend here so we like busy!

All of the frogs have been given names, some have paper helmets and bungee chords. He's made his frogs a pond and has added a lily pad with a bee, a flower, and some fish. But now I can hear mutterings of 'my frogs are going to need a home'. I'm over sewing frogs now I'll give him a cardboard box, boys usually love boxes....He can put his frogs in there he'll enjoy that.

If you want to make a bean-bag frog this is a very easy pattern to use......It's called The Purl Frog, and there is a good tutorial and PDF on the Purl Bee website here. Happy frog making!

The blue one was best frog. I'd had lots of practice by then.
They have black glass beads for eyes which were
 the hardest thing to sew onto the flimsy fabric


  1. Awwwww so cute. They would work well as sewing weights x

  2. tThat's a good idea for sewing weights I haven't got any of those, thanks:)


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