Making a Lavender Wreath

When summer comes I always pick lavender and dry it. This year I was hoping to save some for making bath bombs or lavender sachets...Instead I tied it all up in a sort of rustic wreath.

Firstly I made a willow branch circle to tie my bunches of dried lavender on to. Here is my effort for a dried Lavender Wreath.

If your interested in making a 'fresh' Lavender Wreath you can find a tutorial here.

This is my favourite Lavender it's  highly perfumed, a new plant
but I can't remember the name...
Starting to make the wreath. I've included
 white and pink lavender
Not perfectly round but it all smells
All the lavender on the grass, which was
 a bit of a lavender left
for bath bombs...


  1. Your wreath looks lovely, better that it isn't perfectly round. I have tried to grow lavender without much luck.

    1. Thanks, sometimes I don't have any luck growing Lavender it seems to choose the place it wants to be. So I just leave it there to encourage the honey bees as they are in decline...

  2. What a pretty wreath.. And oh.. I bet it is smelling good.. Enjoy.


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